The Intent to Rebuild


Scripture Reference: Haggai 1-2


  • The People Had the Intent to Rebuild
    • They began work on the temple, but quit to start work on their own homes, even using materials designated for the temple.
  • The People Were Discouraged
    • The temple wasn't anything like the former temple.
    • Discouragement set in because they were comparing their new work to the former temple,
      • We have a habit of comparing our start to everyone else's finish.
    • Discouragement set in because there was a lack of progress.
      • The people were not satisfied with their progress and decided the task wasn't worth completing.
  • (2:4) "Take Courage". . . "Be Strong"
    • Be consistent with what God has told/called you to do
    • Galatians 6:9 - "Let us not grow weary. . ."