Undeniable & Unavoidable


Scripture Reference: Acts 4:1-31



  • Our confession with centered on Jesus will lead to confrontation

  • Confession

    • To speak in the name of Jesus is intolerable to those in a secular worldview

    • Sadducees were greatly disturbed because of the reaction of the people to the miracle

    • When you can’t deny the evidence of truth you begin deny the existence of truth

  • Confrontation

    • “if you are upset about the good done to this lame beggar. . . “

    • Jesus exposes

      • They were concerned about their power and their prosperity

    • Causes a reaction that is undeniable; you have to do something with Jesus

    • Confession —> Jesus Saves

    • Our anchor of hope is the stone of stumbling for the world

    • A Jesus worldview will always cause a negative reaction with the secular worldview


  • The testimony of Jesus Christ is not dependent on education, but by association with Jesus

    • The considered what they saw and they couldn’t deny what had happened

    • The considered how to respond

    • What is undeniable is now intolerable

      • They felt compelled to silence it and tried to silence them from speaking in the name of Jesus (v 16-18)


  • (v11-12) Jesus is exclusive

  • (v 23) The response fro the community

    • They stepped into the confession . . . they still proclaimed that it was in the name of Jesus that the signs and wonders took place

    • The only thing that keeps us silent is our own disobedience