Sharing What We Have Part I


Scripture Reference: Acts 2:37-3:11




  • The Place

    • Beautiful Gate - overlaid with Corinthian bronze; different from the other 9 gates; massive and heavy

  • The People

    • Peter (spokesman); John (witness); Lame Beggar (lame from birth; set down OUTSIDE the gate); Crowd

  • The Precedent

    • Lives changed attesting to the truth of the Word being preached


  • Beggar asked for money

    • How they respond

      • captured his attention

      • focused on his real need (they fixed their eyes on him) "extend with their eyes"

      • "Look at me"

    • What they shared

      • what they had/shared the power of God - "In the name of Jesus"; "what I have I give to you"; healing in the name of Jesus

      • they pulled him up

        • he stood up and walked

        • he entered the temple with them

          • no one who was lame, unclean, or having a blemish was allowed into the temple

        • he found physical healing

        • he was redeemed and accepted

  • It's not about what we don't have; it's about sharing what we do have - JESUS