Repair & Restore: Everyone Has A Role


Series: Making Vision Reality

Scripture Reference(s): Nehemiah 3

“Then they said, “Let us arise and build.” So they put their hands to the good work.” ~ Neh 2:18b NASB

Where Does it All Begin?

  • Concern
  • Conviction
  • Confession
  • Commitment…Absolute Surrender

Faith Steps Out…

Recognizing it’s the perfect time
Leading with a passionate heart
Acknowledging the definite need
Demonstrating a diligent preparation
Proving the good hand of God

Faith that pleases God will be active and evident in the lives of His children.

Faith that steps out requires an honest assessment and a determined resolution.

An Honest Assessment - Neh 2:11-20

  • Inspection
  • Recognition
  • Resolution

Repair and Restore…Everyone Has a Role

  • The Purpose of the Work
  • The Pattern of the Work
  • The People of the Work
  • The Places of the Work

"Evangel Church will be a faith gathering, glorifying God by proclaiming Truth and making Christ-followers of all nations, as the way of life."