Membership at Evangel Church

1. Qualifications

An Individual will qualify for membership who:  a) confess their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation from sin, b) understands and agrees to the current form of church government which is elder leadership (Board of Elders), c) is approved by the Board of Elders, and d) is baptized by immersion. If, upon review of an application for membership or after meeting with a prospective member, the Board of Elders determines that the applicant does not confess Jesus Christ as Savior, or if there is a lack of evidence of a godly life, or if the applicant is not in agreement with elder governance, membership shall be denied.

2. Reception

When a prospective member presents themselves to the church for membership, the following procedure will be followed:

A. The prospective member will be given the church doctrinal statement (see Article III), membership covenant, and application.

B. The individual shall meet with no less than two representatives of the Board of Elders so that the individual may give a testimony regarding their salvation.  At this time, elder leadership will be explained and any questions regarding the doctrinal statement or leadership structure will be addressed.

C. If approved for membership, the individual will be received into membership the next convenient Sunday at the morning worship service.  At that time, the right hand of Christian fellowship will be given by the congregation as a public token of acceptance by the congregation.

Membership Interest Form

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